This is a follow up to the previous correspondence on the SACC plan on the challenges presented by COVID-19. Following the presentation by the President of RSA last night, it is evident that the role of the church in addressing the issues of justice will be critical. Denominations may not afford to work in silos. Hence, the establishment and registration of the LEANs needs to be expedited. Information on this is contained on the materials that have been shared earlier. Let us please be there for the needy and do the least and the best that we can.

The LEAN structures will be the reflection of the church on the ground. It is evident that there will be a continued need for the structures, as the struggled against COVID-19 gets protracted. The structures will be retained for further mission and witness of the church, even post COVID-19. The SACC is working with the department of Social Development and the Solidarity Fund. The LEAN structures will be the SACC on the ground and get the necessary assistance from the two institutions. The LEAN structures will also ensure that the prophetic role of the church is visible and the voice is audible. The LEANs will also be a vehicle to determine the contribution of the church on the ground, including the availing of church facilities for relief programmes and projects.

The door is still open.

Warmest Regards

Rev Lungile Mpetsheni

General Secretary

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