HIV & AIDS – Challenges and Responses



  • Caring for People Living with HIV and AIDS;
  • Provision of care and support to Orphans and Widows;
  • Promoting prevention strategies, VCT, ART, PMTCT;
  • Youth behavioural change programs;
  • Facilitating joint men and women forums;
  • Income-generation projects for poverty alleviation;
  • Caring for the elderly and disabled;
  • Training and leadership development.

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Our Objectives

  • To develop a UPCSA HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan and Policy;
  • To promote VCT, PMTCT, ART and other prevention strategies;
  • To build up the Capacity of Presbyteries and Congregations;
  • To reflect on existing strategies and assess their effectiveness;
  • To explore ways of developing partnerships and networks;
  • To develop mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of projects.


Our Emphasis is on

  • Abstinence for those not married;
  • Faithfulness for those in marriage;
  • Treatment, Care and Support;
  • Love and acceptance as opposed to stigma and isolation.


An Emerging Issue

One of the challenges that have been identified as a weakness in the UPCSA is the lack of emphasis on abstinence from sex among the youth within the church. This is indicated by a rise in teenage pregnancies. A further symptom is that most youth disappear when they fall pregnant and re-surface at a later stage once they have given birth.

View our Abstinence Related Training Needs for Youth in UPCSA

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