Our Faith

This section comprises:

Confessions and Creeds

To view a title, click on it and a PDF document will open in another window.

You can read, save or print the document using the Adobe tools that become

visible in the bottom right corner of the window when you move your mouse there.

The Manual of Faith and Order

The manual of Faith and Order loads into a document viewer for ease of reading.

The top right hand corner has tools depicted in the diagram to the right:

1. Indicates the  number of pages the document consists of.

2. Arrows that take you from one page to the next as you click on them.

3. Tool to zoom in or out for ease of reading.

4. To open the document in a different window, click on this icon.

At the bottom-left of the viewer, there is a link to download the document.

How to use the reader
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