The Terms of Reference for the Mission and Discipleship Committee (MaD)  are:

(i)            To promote evangelism as the core purpose of the Church;

(ii)           to develop and collect resources on evangelism and church growth, along with information on other resources available, to house these materials at the Central Office and make them known and available to Presbyteries and congregations;

(iii)          to motivate and assist Presbyteries and congregations to hold conferences and training courses on evangelism, church planting and church growth;

(iv)          to do an audit of missionary activities supported by UPCSA Presbyteries and congregations;

(v)           to identify and structure training programmes for missionaries;

(vi)          to facilitate the establishment of new congregations of the UPCSA;

(vii)         to make loans and grants available to Presbyteries and congregations for evangelism and church growth projects;

(viii)        to pay stipend subsidies for a limited period to ministers and Church Development Evangelists in Church Growth situations (see Manual paras. 13.41- 43)

(ix)          to propose to the General Assembly legislation governing minimum stipends and transport provisions and pulpit supply fees for ministers;

(x)           to make appointments of ministers to congregations in receipt of stipend subsidies, subject to confirmation by Presbytery, and to set and pay such subsidies through Presbytery. (see Manual, paras. 13.38 and 16.56-65);

(xi)          in consultation with the Finance Committee to make loans to ministers for the purchase of motor vehicles. (see Manual, para, 13.39);

(xii)         to decide in conjunction with the Presbyteries where exceptions may be made in minimum stipend regulations in terms of the Manual, para. 13.40

(xiii)        to provide and publicize resources and training for Sessions, ministers, and parents in helping children and young people to come into a personal faith in Christ and a commitment to the work of the Church

(xiv)       to challenge congregations and Presbyteries to implement cross-cultural ministries and to develop and collect resources to aid them in meeting this challenge;

(xv)        to work with Presbyteries to encourage and facilitate the integration of neighbouring congregations where this will strengthen the witness and ministries of the UPCSA; and

(xvi)       to assist Presbyteries and congregations to rationalize the work of the Church within the bounds of the Presbytery and maximize the use of scarce resources.

For more info on the work of MaD Committee, go to Menu and Select Leadership>>Committees>>Mission and Discipleship. You can also go direct to their website:http://upcsa-mad.org.za/

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