The outgoing Moderator of the General Assembly of the UPCSA, the Rt Rev Dr Peter D Langerman, has consistently published monthly epistles addressed to all in the UPCSA covering things that matter to all in the UPCSA. Please receive this final epistle and circulate to all in the UPCSA.

You are invited to send messages commenting on the letters, as far as their impact on the life and work of the denomination OR on the act of a Moderator sending letters to the denomination.

Please join us in thanking Peter for the service he rendered to the UPCSA and the entire Christian community over the last three years as the Moderator, the longest term that any Moderator has served in the denomination, this due to COVID-19 which prohibited us from holding a General Assembly in 2020. In the language of the Navy we wish him “fair winds and following seas”.

Please pray for the coming General Assembly on 26-30 June 2021 and for the incoming Moderator, the Rev Sipho Mtetwa.

Warmest regards,

Rev Dr Lungile Mpetsheni


General Secretary

Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa

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