INVITATION TO ALL IN THE UPCSA: 1 May 2021 at 14:30 (2:30pm)

The UPCSA leadership in association with the Gender Desk presents a discussion on: ‘Men at Work’. Living through a Pandemic has taught us a lot about change, and we have experienced change on many levels in the past year.

Although the role of men has been changing for a long time, we haven’t really had a space to discuss how these changes affect men, their wives/partners and their families. Men were always responsible for the protection and provision of their families; but is that changing? Women are in the workplace and sometimes they are providing more than their husbands/partners, how does that effect the relationship dynamic?

It is for that reason that men and women in the UPCSA are invited to join us as we begin to unpack some of these dynamics.

We will begin the Zoom with a speaker, who will address both men and women in the webinar; then we will spilt up in to two groups and go to break away rooms: women and men.

Men looking at:

Ø Places of identity for men

Ø Job loss and the impact on well being

Ø Loss of dignity in the workplace

Ø Role of protector and provider as it relates to the “head of the house”.

Ø Understanding the new normal with regards to gender roles

Women looking at:

Ø Understanding the role of men, as developed by society, culture and biblically

Ø What happens when women earn more than their partners?

Ø What happens to men when they lose their jobs?

Ø Normalizing new roles for genders in the home

Ø Leading respectful relationships and valuing each other

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