Dear Colleagues,

Please receive the two presentations that were given at the UPCSA 21 webinar and two responses to the two presentations. I just received the presentation from Dr Khosa this evening. I have not received the response from Dr Raphesu. I will follow up.

We do understand and are aware that the presenters were making personal observations, and as such the contents and articulations may not be binding. However, it is good to get the sharp critiques for an organisation to determine how to improve its systems. I am a proponent of kaizen – Japanese for continuous improvement. If you are to improve, you must not always be happy with the status quo. Actually, the status quo should be understood as “the mess we are in”, so that we get ourselves out of the mess. Let us save the UPCSA. “Live (leave) your legacy”.

The leadership will study the documents objectively and make a determination on what needs to be done by who, when and how.

Aluta continua.

Warmest regards,

Rev Dr Lungile Mpetsheni


General Secretary

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