Council for World Mission celebrates the news of the election of its Moderator, Rev Lydia Neshangwe as the Moderator-elect of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (UPCSA) 2023 – 2025.

The General Assembly, at its recent gathering, elected Rev Lydia Neshangwe as the Moderator-elect to take over from the current Moderator, Rt Rev Sipho Mtetwa, in June 2023. Rev Lydia Neshangwe is the second woman to be elected to this high office of the denomination, after the Rev Dianna Vorster who was the Moderator in 2000.  In his announcement of this election, UPCSA’s General Secretary, Rev Dr Lungile Mpetsheni, observed that “the election of Rev Neshangwe is one of the manifestations of the UPCSA’s resoluteness to neutralise patriarchy and to promote the transnational character of the denomination, as she comes from Zimbabwe”.

Rev Neshangwe will serve both CWM (2020 – 2024) and UPCSA simultaneously.  CWM General Secretary, Rev Dr Jooseop Keum has sent his heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected leadership of the UPCSA. In his message he commended the UPCSA for taking the lead in acting on its longstanding commitment to free the church from the grip of patriarchy and to allow the church’s inherent diversity to be reflected in its character. “I am confident that both Rt. Rev. Sipho J Mtetwa and Rev. Lydia Neshangwe will offer strong leadership with a clear vision and relentless commitment to the churches of the UPCSA to transform themselves into life flourishing communities”.   In pledging commitment to supporting the newly elected leaders, Dr Keum said, “CWM warmly welcomes the new leadership into the family and will continue to celebrate their mission and achievements as they begin to serve the UPCSA”.

CWM is confident that Rev Neshangwe will continue to serve the UPCSA with distinction and that, in this role as Moderator, she will bring fresh insight and inspiration to the life and work of the Church.  We pray God’s anointing upon her and the UPCSA.


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