The Bible Society launches new range of Bible-reading apps

Today’s digital environment is the ideal medium not only to promote Bible reading, but also greater Bible engagement. Increasingly, more people prefer to read the Bible on their phones, tablets or computers.

Recently, the Bible Society of South Africa launched 13 Bible-reading apps that give people access to the Bible in all 11 official languages of our country. The respective apps comprise one or more complete Bible translations of a particular language and can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play (the apps will also be available on iOS and Huawei App Gallery at a later stage). These Bible-reading apps enable users to read the complete Bible text on their cell phones without having to be online to do so. Furthermore, various translations can be compared to each other, the reading experience can be adapted as needed and readers are able to share Bible verses with others.

These apps are an extension of the Bible Society’s digital offering that already includes the BibleSA Bible-study platform. BibleSA is a comprehensive online platform that currently comprises 38 translations, with Bibles in each of our official South African languages. Besides the convenience of having all the translations in one place, the platforms also boasts resources like sermon outlines and a preaching schedule for churches as well as Bible-reading plans and so much more.

According to Rev Dirk Gevers, Chief Executive Officer of the Bible Society of South Africa, the Bible Society’s mission is to ensure that the Bible is available in suitable and accessible formats.

“The Bible Society took the decision to make the Bible freely available online in accordance with its mission a while ago. Just as it is important for us to make the Bible available to readers who prefer the Bible in print, it is also important to make the Bible available to those who increasingly prefer to read in an electronic format,” Rev Gevers said.

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